Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Peter Piper Pizza

We went to Peter Piper Pizza with Camryn's preschool today to learn the letter "P". Camryn was really excited! This is how she smiles for the camera lately.

Brandon was happy to come along with his big sister!
They got a tour through the kitchen. Here they are looking at the dishwasher.

Camryn got to put her own toppings on.

Enjoying the finished product!

Brandon and Dylan

One of Derek's best friends growing up came to visit from California with his wife Gemma and son Dylan. Brandon is a few weeks older than Dylan. They are finally old enough to kind of play with each other. I thought they played pretty well together. The kids were good and we got in a great visit with Matt and Gemma.

Too Cute!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brandon's First Haircut

Brandon has needed a haircut for a little while but I have put it off because I didn't think he would hold still long enough to have it cut. We went to Snip-its today and he did great. He moved around a lot but the lady cutting it was very good and patient with him. Here he is before the haircut.

He decided he was ready to be done
The final result!

We had a fun night out for our friend Kim's birthday at Salty Senorita. It seemed like a long time since we have been out without the kids. We were there before Kim so we decided to sit at the bar. We didn't see anyone else we knew so we thought it was just going to be Kristina, the Oetjen, and us. When Kim arrived we realized there was a party of about 25 already there for her birthday. We had a great time with great company!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jump and Shout

It has been REALLY cold this week. So cold that we can't go outside to play. We decided to take the kids to Jump and Shout to play one night. The loved it. There weren't many people there so Derek and I got to play with Camryn and Brandon. Camryn loved it as usual and Brandon couldn't stop smiling and running around. He did stop a few times to get into outlets and random diaper bags. We ended the night at the froyo shop across the street. What a great night!