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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Labor Day Trip to the Cabins

Last year we went up north to Heber with five families and rented cabins. We had such a great time we decided to try and make it an annual vacation. This year it was just us and the Rana Family. The cabins are great place to take the kids on vacation because there is a lot of room for them to run and play outside. Right when we got there Dominic and Camryn had to ride the quads.

Brandon couldn't move around as much because he would just put the rocks in his mouth

Victoria, Camryn, and Dominic getting ready for bed
Our cabin

Pony ride across the street at Bison Ranch

Camryn was not too thrilled for the pony ride. This was as far as we got.

Dominic and Camryn relaxing with a DVD. My only way to keep them contained for a minute.

Brandon enjoying roaming around the cabin

We made this makeshift gate out of our stroller and bed railing to keep him on the porch
Jim and Victoria

We did get a little cornhole in

The kids loved to pretend like they were driving Jim's Rhino

Going on a real ride. Camryn did not want to go.

She stayed behind to ride the quad

We had a great time again this year and hope to do it again. We hope the other families can join us next year!

Student of the Week

Camryn is loving preschool. It gives me two hours with just one kid. It is amazing all the stuff I can get done. She was the student of the week this week. She was excited to show everyone her poster!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who knew the carseat box would be so much fun!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brandon's Favorite New Sport

Brandon loves to push the kitchen chairs all around the house. Whatever makes him happy!

Whenever the camera is out he usually will stop what he is doing and give me a smile!

Camryn's First Day of Preschool

Camryn was excited to start her first day of preschool. She had to have her backpack although it had no school supplies in it.
Here she is before with her friends Brooke and Bryten. She was ready to go in the door until she realized I wasn't coming with her. I heard her crying as I left.

This is her running out after class telling me how much fun she had. Hopefully next time the dropoff will go a little bit better.